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Seminars Spring 2007

Seminars are on Tuesdays at 4 pm (unless otherwise noted) in Smith Hall Annex B-floor conference room preceded by tea at 3:45.


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Jan. 18 (note Thursday!) -host: E.Siggia
Ravi Iyengar, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Organization of Cellular Regulatory Networks

Jan. 23 -host: S.Leibler
Michael Desai, Princeton University
How asexual populations adapt and maintain diversity

Jan. 30 -host: A. Tanay
Maitreya Dunham, Princeton University
Genomic analysis of experimental evolution in yeasts

Feb. 1 (note 2pm!)
Pradeep Kumar, Boston University
Anomalies of Liquid Water

Feb. 6 -host: S.Leibler
Sander Tans, Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics
Empirical fitness landscapes and the accessibility of evolutionary paths

Feb. 13 -host: E.Siggia
Gasper Tkacik, Princeton University
Information Flow and Optimization in Transcriptional Control

Feb. 15 (Note 2pm!) -host: E.Siggia
Yoav Burak, UCSB
Fly Magnetism: Planar Cell Polarity in Drosophila Development

Feb. 20 (Note 2pm!) -host: E.Siggia
Yigal Nochomovitz, UCSF
Is there a Designability Principle for Biological Networks?

Feb. 27 -host: J.Skotheim
David Biron, Harvard University
A (first) mechanistic insight into the plasticity of the thermal memory of C. ELEGANS

Mar. 22 (note: Thursday 2pm!) -host: A.Tanay
Itsik Pe'er, Columbia University
Towards Genomewide Association Studies in General and Special Populations

Mar. 27 -host: L.Westblade
Chris Voigt, UCSF
Programming Bacteria

Apr 3. -host: M.Geffen
Cynthia Moss, University of Maryland, College Park
Adaptive audio-motor control for dynamic spatial orientation by sonar in bats

Apr. 10 -host: M.Geffen
David McCormick, Yale University
Intracortical synaptic transmission: It works differently than you may think

Apr. 17 -host: M.Geffen
Gilles Laurent, Caltech
Olfactory codes, oscillations, and synaptic learning rules in a small olfactory system

Apr. 24 -host: M.Geffen
Sarah Woolley, Columbia University
Building a percept in the brain: coding of communication sounds in songbirds

May. 2 (Note - Wednesday!) -host: M.Geffen
Sam Wang, Princeton University
Optical Approaches to Synaptic Plasticity and Sensory Encoding

May. 9 (Note - Wednesday!) -host: M.Geffen
Asif Ghazanfar, Princeton University
Integrating social signals in the primate temporal lobe

May. 29 -host: M.Geffen
Marcelo Magnasco, Rockefeller University
Homer's eclipse

June 5 -host: Stan Leibler
Sanjay Jain, University of Delhi
Boolean dynamics of E. coli's genetic network: Understanding homeostasis and flexibility of response.

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