Rockefeller Mathematics Seminar


1996, 1997, 2008, 2009,

The Rockefeller Mathematics Seminar is an occasional and informal event organized by the Feigenbaum Lab in collaboration with J. J. P. Veerman and F. M. Tangerman.

Attendees typically have different backgrounds, varying from physicists (and some mathematicians), to chemists, biologists, and medical researchers. As a consequence, fundamental mathematical concepts, and their implications for the subject at hand, are emphasized as opposed to technical proofs. Attendees are encouraged to interrupt the speaker to ask for clarification of mathematical concepts.

Topics range from all disciplines of mathematics. The level of the talks tends to be high, but our aim is that they clarify underlying mathematical concepts and are open to inquiry by all those in our community who care about the fundamental tools of mathematical thinking.

The summaries have been authored by the organizers in collaboration with the speakers and/or other colleagues. Details are given in each individual listing. The aim of this is to carefully explain the main points of each talk in as simple wording as possible. Every summary we present has been approved by the speaker. We emphasize that the speaker we quote is the sole authority to determine intellectual authorship of the ideas exposed.

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