1996 seminar organizer:

Mark Goulian, (212) 327-8183, fax (212) 327-8544, goulian@menard.rockefeller.edu


January 9
Ron Dickman
Lehman College of the City University of New York
Entropic Forces Between Colloidal Particles

January 16
Denis Wirtz
Johns Hopkins University
Manipulating Single DNA Molecules

January 23
Ilya Vasker
Rockefeller University
Protein Recognition Beyond Local Interactions

January 30
Hai-cang Ren
Rockefeller University
The Challenge of High Temperature Superconductivity

February 13
Ron Levy
Rutgers University
Dielectric and Thermodynamic Aspects of Protein Solvation

February 20
Joel Cohen
Rockefeller University
What color is chaos in nonlinear chaotic population models? Seeing red but singing the blues

February 27
Donald Winkelmann
Robert Johnson Medical School
Structural and Molecular Analysis of the Myosin Motor Domain

March 5
Jonathan Machta
University of Massachusettsv Self-Organized Cluster Algorithm for Thermal Equilibrium

March 12
Josef Kas
Harvard Medical School
The Viscoelasticity of Actin, Measurements and a Model

March 19
Sol Gruner
Organic and Inorganic Bicontinuous Phases
Princeton University

March 26
Thomas Silhavy
Princeton University
Osmo-Regulation of the Porin Regulon in E. Coli

April 2
Yu zong Chen
Purdue University
DNA-drug dissociation motions and binding stability

April 9
David DiVincenzo
Quantum Computation

April 16
Steve Block
Princeton University
Nanometers and Piconewtons: Using Optical Tweezers to Study Biological Motors

April 23
Elisha Moses
The Weitzmann Institute
The Nonlinear Dynamics of Membranes

April 30
Ben O'Shaughnessy
Columbia University
Universality in Chemical Reaction Kinetics: Small Molecules and Macromolecules

May 7
Gene Stanley
Boston University
The Physics of Liquid Water

May 14
Seth Darst
Two-dimensional Cystals of Proteins on Lipid Layers: Applications

May 28
Jeff Gelles
Brandeis University
Studying Transcription One Molecule at a Time

June 4
David Tirrell
UMass Amherst
Exploiting Biology to Make New Materials: Membranes and Artificial Proteins

June 18
Marileen Dogterom
Bell Labs
Microtubule aster formation and polymerization forces studied in micro-fabricated confined geometries

July 2
Hanan Davidowitz
NEC research

July 9
Paul Chaikin
Princeton University

July 16
John Hopfield
Computation, Action Potentials, and Earthquakes

July 23
Carter Bancroft and Frank Guarnieri
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Use of a Horizontal Chain Reaction for DNA-Based Computation

July 30
Laura Landweber
Princeton University

September 17
Stephen Arnold
Brooklyn Polytechnic University
Chemical Physics in the World's Smallest Isolated Test Tube

September 24
Martin Muschol
University of Alabama
Phase Separation in Protein Solutions

October 1
Karel Svoboda
Bell Laboratories
Seeing Is Believing: Imaging the Function of Cortical Dendrites and Synapses In Vivo

October 8
Lee Segel
Weizmann Institute
Immunity and Autoimmunity: What Can Theory tell Us?

October 15
Jonathan Trent
Argonne National Lab
Molecular Chaperones at the Upper Temperature Limit for Life

October 22
Larry Abbott
Brandeis University
Synaptic Depression Enhances Information Transfer Between Cortical Neurons

October 29
Jay Trautman
SEQ Ltd.
Single-Molecule Imaging Spectroscopy: Biophysical Applications?

November 5
no seminar

November 12
Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz
Probing the Diffusional Mobility of Membranes Using Green Fluorescent Protein Chimeras

November 19
Rolf Landauer
Information is Physical

Novmber 26
Adam Simon
Merck Rssearch Laboratories
Physical Approaches to Gene Transfer for DNA Vaccines and Gene Therapy

December 3
Adrian Parsegian
The Vapor Pressure Paradox. Can We Use What We Learn in cm-Size Test Tubes to Talk About Macromolecules in Micro-Meter-Size Cells?

December 10
Kenji Adzuma
Rockefeller University
How a DNA-Recombination Protein Should Work

December 17
Premala Chandra
NEC Research Institute
The Glass Problem: The Monster with a Memory

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