1997 seminar organizers:

Daniel Aalberts, (212) 327-8861, fax (212) 327-8544, aalberts@isolda.rockefeller.edu
Hao Li, (212) 327-8861, fax (212) 327-8544, haoli@isolda.rockefeller.edu


January 7
F. Ulrich Hartl
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Protein Folding by Molecular Chaperones

January 14
David Mauzerall
Rockefeller University
Application of Photoacoustics to Study of Electrostriction and Entropy Changes in Electron Transfer Reactions

January 21
Samuel Williamson
New York University
Hierarchy of Processing Memories in the Human Visual System

February 4
Peter Davies
University of Pennsylvania
Hemodynamic Forces and the Endothelium

February 11
Tom Sakmar
Rockefeller University
Photoactivation Mechanism of Rhodopsin

February 18
T. Ebbesen
NEC Research Institute
Carbon Nanotubes and Beyond

February 25
Craig Benham
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Structural Transition in Supercoiled DNA

March 4
Steven J. Schiff
George Washington University
Non-linear Dynamics of Neuronal Ensembles: Periodic Orbits, Generalized Synchrony, and Stochastic Resonance

March 11
James Wetmur
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
DNA Hybridization

March 18
David Fenyö
Rockefeller University
PROWL - An Interactive Environment for Protein Analysis

March 25
Robert Austin
Princeton University
Protein Folding on a Chip: Ultra-rapid Diffusional Mixing

April 8
James Shapiro
University of Chicago
Bacterial Self-Organizing Systems: Microbiological and Mathematical Analysis of Proteus Swarm Colonies

April 9
James Shapiro
University of Chicago
Thinking About Genome Organization and Reorganization

April 15
Andrej Sali
Rockefeller University
Protein Structure Modeling in Genomics

April 22
Michael S. Feld
MIT Spectroscopy Laboratory
Spectral Pathology: In situ spectroscopic diagnosis of cancer and atherosclerosis

April 29
David Spector
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Nuclear Organization and Gene Expression

May 6
Devarajan Thirumalai
University of Maryland
In Vivo Protein Folding: Chaperonins to the Rescue

May 13
Pierre Villeneuve
MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics
Optical Microcavities in Photonic Crystals

May 20
Steven O. Smith
Yale Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry
How Light Energy is Converted into a Chemical Signal by Rhodopsin

June 3
Robert Birge
Syracuse University
Protein Based Memories and Optical Processors

June 17
Michael Sheetz
Duke University
Integrin-Cytoskeleton Interactions in Cell Migration: Effects of Ligand Binding, Force, and Position

July 8
Gary Slater
University of Ottawa
New Ideas for Polyelectrolyte Electrophoresis: Entropic Trapping, Bidirectional Ratchets and Isofocusing Ratchets

Sept 16
Prof Jerry Percus
Courant Institute NYU
A statistical Mechanic in Sequence Space eds host

Sept 23
Prof. Mark Robbins
Johns Hopkins Univ
Molecular Simulations of adhesion and friction. eds host

Sept 29
Prof. Evan Evans
Boston Univ. and Univ. British Columbia
"Using Force to Explore Energy Landscapes of Bioadhesion Bonds and Skeletal Protein Structures" eds host
NOTE: Monday lecture

Oct. 7
Dr. Michael Zhang
Cold Spring Harbor Lab
Searching for Protein Coding Genes in the Human Genome
Hao Li host

Oct. 14
Dr. Erez Braun
Technion University
Self-Assembly of Nanometer Scale Electronics by Biotechnology
Libchaber host

Oct 21
Prof. Watt Webb
Cornell University
Biomedical Appilcations of Multi-Photon Microscopy
Siggia host

Oct. 28
no seminar

Nov 4
Prof. Jo Koplik
Molecular Simulation of Wetting
Hao Li host

Nov. 11
Dr. Thomas Perkins
Princeton University
Exploring Polymer Dynamics With Single DNA Molecules
Hao Li host

Nov. 18
Prof. Y. J. Uemura
Columbia Univ.
"What can muon tell about high Tc superconductors?
---Crossover from Bose-Einstein to BCS condensation"
Hai-cang Ren host

Nov. 25
Prof. Stewart Newman
New York Medical College
Thinking Causally about Development and Evolution of Form
David Thaler host

Dec 9
Prof. Phil Nelson
Univ. Penn.
Entropic Elasticity of Torsionally-Stiff Macromolecules
Hao Li host

Dec. 16
Prof. Peter Wolynes
Univ. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Exploring the Energy Landscape of Folding Protein
Hao Li host

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