1998 seminar organizer:

Hao Li, (212) 327-8861, fax (212) 327-8544, haoli@isolda.rockefeller.edu


Jan 6
Dr. Dannie Durand
University of Pennsylvania
The Role of Genetic Drift in the Evolution of Segregation Distortion
Hao Li host

Jan 13
Prof. Frances Barany
Cornell Univ. Medical School
Fidelity and Error in Thermophilic DNA-Recognition Proteins
David Thaler host

Jan 20
Prof. Per Bak
Niels Bohr Institute
Punctuated Equilibria and Self-organized Criticality
Dante Chialuo host

Jan 27
Prof. Temple Smith
Boston Univ.
Comparative Genome Open Reading Frame Functional Identification
Hao Li host

Feb 3
Prof. Herbert Levine
Univ. California San Diego
title TBA
Hao Li host

Feb 10
Prof. Yitzhak Rabin
Bar-Ilan University
Interactions Between Randomly Frozen Systems
Hao Li host

Feb 17
Prof. Robert Thorne
Cornell University
title TBA
Eric Siggia host

Feb. 24
Prof. Miguel Nicolelis
Duke Univ.
Title TBA
Guillermo Cecchi host

March 24
Dr. Jim Fickett
SmithKline Beecham
Title TBA
Hao Li host

May 12
Prof. R. Bruinsma
Title TBA
Hao Li host

June 9
Dr. William Bialek
NEC Research Institute
What Do Neurons Compute?
Albert Libchaber host

Sept 8
Prof Rahul Sarpeshkar
Bell Labs
Energy-Efficient Computation: Extrapolating from Ears to Brains

Sept 15
Prof. Michael Rout
Rockefeller University
Analyzing the Stucture and Function of the Nuclear Pore Complex

Sept 22
Prof Alexander Tomasz
Rockefeller University
Title to be announced

Sept 29

Prof Dennis Bray
Zoology Dept, Cambridge University, UK
Signal Transduction by Clusters of Protein Molecules

Oct 13

Oct 19 -- MONDAY
at 11:00am -- note the time change
Dr. Edgar Wingender
The TRANSFAC database on transcription factors and associated tools

Oct 30 -- FRIDAY
at 11:00am -- note the time change
Prof. Phil Pincus
Polyelectrolyte Complexes

Nov 3
Prof Peter Detwiler
University of Washington, Seattle
Spatial spread of second messenger signals in retinal rod photoreceptor outer segments

Nov 10
Drs. Gustavo Stolovitzky and Andrea Califano
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Statistics of Patterns in Biosequences and Gene Expression Chips

Nov 17
Prof Michael Sheetz
Duke University Medical Center
Title to be announced
Nov 24
Prof Nadrian Seeman
Department of Chemistry, NYU
DNA Nanotechnology

Dec 1
Prof Tom Witten
James Frank Institute, Chicago
Energy condensation in elastic membranes
(how crumpling makes flimsey structures strong)

Dec 8
Prof Christian Overton
Center for Bioinformatics, U. Penn
Computational Resources for the Study of Vertebrate Gene Expression

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