1999 seminar organizers:

Matthew Turner, (212) 327-8184, fax (212) 327-8544, turnerm@rockvax.rockefeller.edu
Martin Zapotocky, (212) 327-8835, fax (212) 327-8544, zapotocky@rockefeller.edu


Jan 12
Prof Henri Korn
Institut Pasteur, France
Quantal release of neurotransmitters a 'chatoic`dynamics of synaptic noise

Jan 14
Dr William Stemmer
Molecular breeding of genes, pathways, viruses and genomes by DNA shuffling

Jan 19
Prof Jonathan King
Amino acid sites and sequences influencing the folding andmisfolding of beta sheet proteins

Jan 26
Prof David Bensimon
Ecole Normale Superieur
Supercoiling of single DNA molecules: new structural phases and dynamics of Topo II

Feb 1
Prof Jean-Louis Viovy
Institut Curie
Switchable matrices: a new strategy for bioseparations in capillaries and chips

Feb 9
Prof Kim Sneppen
NBI, Copenhagen
A simple model for protein folding and function

Feb 16
Dr Eric Baum
NEC Research
Emergent planning from an artificial economy

Feb 23
Prof Lloyd Demetrius
Harvard University
Statistical mechanics and evolutionary theory

Feb 25
Martin Zapatocky
Fellow candidate
U. Penn
Particle-stabilized defect gel in cholesteric liquid crystals

Mar 1
Peter Swain
Fellow candidate
Max Planck Institute, Teltow
Adhesion at Structured Surfaces

Mar 2
Tong Zhou
Fellow candidate
James Frank Insititute
Like-charge attraction in a colloidal crystal

Mar 3
Haim Diamant
Fellow candidate
Tel Aviv University
Onset of self-assembly in polymer-surfactant systems

Mar 9
Prof Terry Hwa
Statistical Mechanics of Pattern Matching in Biopolymers

Mar 16
Prof Bai-lin Hao
Institute for Theoretical Physics Academia Sinica
A Combinatorial Problem Related toAvoided and Under-represented Strings inBacterial Complete Genomes

Mar 23
Prof Laura Landweber
Computing with RNA: From ribozyme and genetic code origins to chess

April 8
Prof Gene Golovchenko
Dept. of Physics, Harvard University
Progress towards an electronic means for sequencing DNA

Apr 13
Prof Adrian Parsegian
Salt solutions, as they appear to an ionic channel or to a charged macromolecule

Apr 20
Dr Mark Chance
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Folding & Stability of the Tetrahymena Ribozyme Examined by Synchrotron Footprinting

Apr 23
Prof Deborah Fygenson,
Department of Physics, UCSB
On the conformational change of tubulin: unfolding

May 4
Dr Timothy Ryan
Cornell University Medical College
Vesicle trafficking and limits of synaptic function in CNS neurons

May 11
Prof Robin Briehl
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Assembly and Disassembly of Sickle Cell Hemoglobin Fibers and Gels: Structure, Kinetics and Phase Transitions

May 25
Prof Andrej Sali
Rockefeller University
Mini protein folding problem

May 28
Prof Oreste Piro
Universitat delles Illes Baleares
Nonlinear dynamics of the perceived pitch of complex sounds

May 28
Prof Leo Kadanoff
James Frank Institute, University of Chicago
Lessons from complexity

Jun 4
Prof Hans Westerhoff
Free University of Amsterdam
Biocomplexity - science of the living cell

Aug 30
Prof Manuel Velarde
Universidad Complutense, Madrid
Dissipative solitons in fluids and lattices (the natural generalization of the Zabusky and Kruskal paradigm)

Sept 3
Prof Jean Pierre Eckmann
Universite de Geneve
Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of a chain coupled to two heat baths

Sept 14 - Note Part 2 on Thu 9/16 at 11am
Robert Giegerich
University of Bielefeld, Germany
Using Algebraic Dynamic Programming for Complex Sequence Alignments

Sept 21
David Andelman
Tel Aviv University
The phenomonology of modulated phases: Magnetic films, polymers and membranes

Sept 28
Frank Julicher
Institut Curie, Paris
From single to many molecular motors

Oct 5
Bud Mishra
Courant Institute
0-1 Laws for Single Molecules

Oct 12
Paul Janmey
University of Pennsylvania
Cytoskeletal filaments: formation of networks, bundles, and rings

Oct 26
Hao Li
Rockefeller University
Building a "Dictionary" for the yeast genome: statistical analysis of transcription regulation

Nov 2
Mario Ruggero
Northwestern University
Basilar-membrane mechanics and the "cochlear amplifier"

Nov 8 - Note Monday
Gary Stormo
Washington University, St. Louis
Experimental and computational approaches to analyze DNA-protein interactions

Nov 9
Alex Groisman
Weizmann Institute
Elastic turbulence in a polymer solution flow

Nov 16
John Hopfield
Princeton University
Olfaction and related sensory problems

Nov 30
Wojciech Zurek
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Algorithmic randomness and Maxwell's demon

Dec 8 - Note Wednesday
Dave Weitz
Harvard University
Microrheology of Confined Geometries

Dec 14
Ray Goldstein
University of Arizona
Whirling Elastica and Bistable Helices

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