2001 seminar organizer:

Erik van Nimwegen, (212) 327-8184, fax (212) 327-8544, erik@golem.rockefeller.edu


Jan 2
Ned Wingreen
NEC Research Institute, Princeton
Nitrogen checkpoints in E. coli metabolism

Jan 9-Time: 2 PM
Greg Chaitin
IBM Research
Algorithmic information theory

Jan 23
Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou
Columbia University
Applying statistical natural language processing to the biology domain

Tom Kepler
Santa Fe Institute
Spontaneous transitions in transcriptional regulation: mathematical modeling of fluctuations

Feb 6
David Mauzerall
Rockefeller University
Comparison of enthalpy and volume changes in primary reactions of three photosynthetic systems

Feb 13
Dominik Wodarz
Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton
Immunological Memory and the Control of HIV infection

Feb 20
Craig Benham
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Roles of DNA Duplex Destabilization in DNA Regulation

Feb 27
Micah Dembo
Boston University
Traction Force Microscopy and the Mechanics of Fibroblast Migration

Mar 1-Thursday
Achim Kempf
University of Florida
Did the genetic code originally evolve such as to maximize mutation tolerance?

Mar 6
Roy Bar-Ziv
Rockefeller University
RecA polymerization and DNA sequence discrimination

Mar 13
David W. Tank
Biological Computation Res. Dept., Bell Labs
Neural Integrators

Mar 20
Alan Gelperin
Biological Computation Res. Dept., Bell Labs
Olfactory Information Processing with Oscillations and Waves

Mar 21-Wednesday, 12.30pm (lunch talk)
Uri Alon
Weizmann Institute
Reverse-engineering gene circuits based on accurate expression measurements from living cells

Mar 27
Misha Gromov
Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques, Courant Institute
Mathematical slices of biology

April 3
Richard Ebright
Waksman Institute, Rutgers University
Transcription Initiation: Structure and Mechanism

April 10
Ofer Tchernichovski
Rockefeller University
Dynamics of the vocal imitation process: how a zebra finch learns to sing

April 13-Friday, 2pm
Daan Frenkel
FOM-Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics (AMOLF), Amsterdam
Nucleation beyond Ostwald

April 17
Yi-Kuo Yu
Florida Atlantic University
Probabilistic sequence alignments with universal statistics

April 24
Charles S. Peskin
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University
Biological fluid dynamics from centimeters to nanometers by the Immersed Boundary Method

April 30-Monday, 1.30pm
Leonid Bunimovich
School of Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology
Deterministic walks in random environments

May 3-Thursday
Eric Davidson
Intra- and inter-cis-regulatory models for developmental genomics

May 8
Aron Pinczuk
Columbia University
Quantum Phases of Electrons in Two-dimensions: Spectroscopy in Electron Wonderland

May 15
Nancy Kopell
Department of Mathematics and Center for BioDynamics, Boston University
Rhythms and Cell Assemblies in the Nervous System

May 22
Arndt Benecke
Rockefeller University
Nuclear receptor coregulators and the decoding of gene regulatory information

May 29
Blaise Aguera y Arcas
Princeton University
The evolution of early European printing

June 5
Paul Chaikin
Department of Physics, Princeton University
Trillions of quantum dots, Fingerprints, Nanolithography with diblock copolymers and the Annealing of Striped Patterns

June 12
Charles Bennett
IBM Research
Quantum Information Theory

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