2003 seminar organizers:

Michael Elowitz, (212) 327-7057, fax (212) 327-7058, elowitm_@_rockefeller.edu
Nikolaus Rajewsky, (212) 327-8039, fax (212) 327-8544, nr_@_edsb.rockefeller.edu
Nicolas Buchler, (212) 327-8184, fax (212) 327-8544, buchlen_@_rockefeller.edu


Jan 7-host: Michael Elowitz
Steven Strogatz
Cornell University
A Weird Phase Transition in a Growing Network

Jan 15 2:30pm NOTE TIME CHANGE -host: E. D. Siggia
Mike Tyers
Coupling of Cell Growth and Cell Division in Yeast

Jan 21 -host: M. Elowitz
Andrei Levchenko
Johns Hopkins
Information transfer in signal transduction pathways: understanding through modeling and experiment- Abstract

Jan 28 -host: N. Rajewsky
Dieter Braun
The Rockefeller University
Convective PCR and Thermophoretic Trapping: Physical Approaches to the Origin of Life. Abstract

Feb 4 -host: M. Elowitz
Francois Nedelec
EMBL, Heidelberg
Studying the Balance of Forces in the Mitotic Spindle with Computer Simulations - Abstract

Feb 7 Note: FRIDAY, 2pm! -host: E. van Nimwegen
Doug Erwin
Natural Museum
of Natural History
The Cambrian Metazoan Radiation: A Paleobiologist looks at development

Feb 11 -host: M. Elowitz
Piet de Boer
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Title to be announced

Feb 18 -host: N. Rajewsky
Ned Wingreen
Title to be announced

March 5 -host: N. Rajewsky
Eric Davidson
Title to be announced

March 11 -host: M. Elowitz
Hao Li
Title to be announced

March 25 -host: E. Siggia
Martin Kreitman
University of Chicago
Title to be announced

April 1-host: M. Elowitz
Jay Dunlap
Genetic and Molecular Dissection of Simple Circadian System

April 8
Pam Silver
Harvard Medical School

Connecting the genome to the cytoplasm

April 15-host: M. Elowitz
Saeed Tavazoie
Princeton University
Title to be announced

 April 22-host: M. Elowitz
Xiaowei Zhuang
Harvard University
Title to be announced

April 29-host: M. Elowitz
Stephen Giovannoni
Oregon State University
The Uncultured Microbial Majority

May 6-host: M. Elowitz
Bill Bialek
Princeton University
Title to be announced

May 27-host: M. Elowitz
Chenjian Li
Weill Medical College of Cornell University
BAC To The Future: New Molecular Genetic Tools To Study Neuronal Functions And Dysfunctions

Sept. 16 -host: A. Libchaber
Yann LeCun
New York University
End-to-end learning of visual categories

Sept. 23 -host: N. Buchler
Chao Tang
NEC Research Institute
The yeast cell cycle network is robustly designed

Sept. 30 -host: E. Siggia
Jon Widom
Northwestern University
Chromosome structure and gene regulation

Oct. 7 -host: M. Magnasco
Adrienne Fairhall
Princeton University
Neural computation, adaptation and information processing

Oct. 14 -host: N. Buchler
Yitzhak Rabin
Bar-Ilan University
Transport of DNA and proteins through nuclear pores

Oct. 20 Special: MONDAY, 4pm! -host: D. Braun
Peter Fromherz
Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry
Semiconductor chips with ion channels and brain

Oct. 21 -host: A. Libchaber
Bob Austin
Princeton University
Tales from topological oceans

Oct. 28 -host: A. Libchaber
Jayanth Banavar
Penn State University
Geometry and physics of proteins

Nov. 4 -- NO SEMINAR

Nov. 11 -host: N. Buchler
Chris Wiggins
Columbia University
Statistical analysis and classification of biological networks via words and walks

Nov. 18 -host: N. Buchler
Ralf Bundschuh
Ohio State University
Quantitative modeling of single-molecule RNA force-extension experiments

Nov. 25 -- NO SEMINAR

Dec. 2 -host: N. Buchler
Attila Becskei
Control of yeast cell cycle oscillations by nuclear transport

Dec. 8 Special: MONDAY, 4pm! -host: S. Leibler
Yuhai Tu
IBM Research
Heterogenous receptor cross talk and signal amplification: some recent results on bacterial chemotaxis

Dec. 9 -host: E. Siggia
Reka Albert
Penn State University
Topology and robustness of the segment polarity gene network

Dec. 16 -host: A. Libchaber
John Bechhoefer
Simon Fraser University
Chromatin loops, origin spacing, and the random completion problem for DNA replication

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