2005 seminar organizers:

Nicolas Buchler, (212) 327-8184, fax (212) 327-8544, buchlen_@_rockefeller.edu
Edo Kussell, (212) 327-7642, fax (212) 327-7424, kussele_@_rockefeller.edu


Jan. 18 -host: N. Buchler
Charles Peskin
Courant Institute
A tissue, not a network: Computational neuroscience by the drift-diffusion equation

Jan. 25 -host: E. Siggia
Amos Tanay
Tel Aviv University
New computational tools, old biological principles: exploring complex regulatory networks and their evolution

Jan. 26 Special: WEDNESDAY, 4pm! -host: E. Siggia
John Wakeley
Gene genealogies in geographically structured populations

Feb. 4 Special: FRIDAY, 2pm! -host: S. Leibler
Florian Engert
Visual processing in young zebrafish

Feb. 8 Special: TUESDAY, 2:30-3:30pm! -host: E. Kussell
Thorsten Ritz
UC Irvine
Magnetic sensors in migratory birds and plants: mechanism and candidate receptor molecules

Feb. 14 Special: MONDAY, 2:30-3:30pm! -host: E. Siggia
Hunter Fraser
UC Berkeley
Noise and neurodegeneration: A genomic perspective

Feb. 15 -host: E. Siggia
Boris Shraiman
UC Santa Barbara
Physical aspects of growth control in development

Feb. 17 Special: THURSDAY, 4pm! -host: E. Kussell
Daniel Riveline
Universite Joseph Fourier
Nucleation and growth of cell contacts

Feb. 22 -host: N. Buchler
Peter Arndt
Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics
Reconstructing the evolutionary history of mammalian genomes

Feb. 28 Special: MONDAY, 2:30-3:30pm! -host: E. Siggia
Kobi Benenson
Weizmann Institute
Molecular automata: 'smart' components of biological networks

Mar. 1 -host: N. Buchler
Stas Shvartsman
Pattern formation in developing epithelial layers

Mar. 2 Special: WEDNESDAY, 4pm! -host: E. Siggia
Kalin Vetsigian
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Global diversification of bacterial genomes mediated by propagating fronts

Mar. 8 -host: E. Kussell
Richard Lewontin
Varieties of constraint and selection on DNA sequences

Mar. 15 -host: E. Cohen
Norman Zabusky
FPU, solitons and the fabric of nonlinear and computational science: History, synergetics and visiometrics

Mar. 23 Special: WEDNESDAY, 4pm! -host: E. Kussell
Alexander Grosberg
University of Minnesota
Effects of global topology on local geometry in a polymer loop

Mar. 29 -host: N. Buchler
Philippe Cluzel
The logic of adaptation in a single bacterium

Apr. 4 Special: MONDAY, 2pm! -host: E. Cohen
Christian Van den Broeck
Limsburg University Centrum
From Maxwell demon to Brownian motor

Apr. 5 -host: N. Buchler
Jose Vilar
Sloan Kettering
Signal processing in the TGF-beta superfamily ligand-receptor network: switching from suppressor to promoter of cell growth

Apr. 12 -host: N. Buchler
Tom Weinacht
Stony Brook
Learning chemistry from a genetic algorithm: Interpreting laser control of molecular fragmentation

Apr. 19 -host: E. Segal
Saeed Tavazoie
Towards a systematic mapping of phenotypic traits to genes

Apr. 26 -host: E. Kussell
David Reichman
What do we understand about the glass transition?

May 3 -host: N. Buchler
Howard Berg
Do FRET: Using fluorescence energy transfer to study E. coli chemotaxis

May 11 Special: WEDNESDAY, 4pm! -host: N. Buchler
Mark Goulian
University of Pennsylvania
Imaging, modeling, perturbing, and evolving two-component signaling in E. Coli

May 12 Special: THURSDAY, 4pm! -host: N. Buchler
Herbie Levine
UC San Diego
A new round of conceptual modeling of eukaryotic chemotaxis

May 17 -host: E. Kussell
Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz
University of Calgary
Multiscale modeling of plants: from molecules to plant architectures

May 23 Special: MONDAY, 2pm! -host: N. Buchler
Erik van Nimwegen
University of Basel
Inferring regulatory design principles using comparative genomics

May 24 -host: E. Kussell
Michael Doebeli
University of British Columbia
Adaptive speciation: Theory and evolutionary experiments

May 31 -host: M. Magnasco
Jorge Jose
Northeastern University
Synchronicity and the problem of visual attention

Jun 7 -host: E. Kussell
Hava Siegelmann
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Genetics networks: from computational complexity to systems biology

Special Lecture Series: `Algorithmic information: complexity from Leibniz to Omega'
Greg Chaitin
IBM, TJ Watson Research Center

Jun 6 MONDAY, 2pm! -host: A. Libchaber
Leibniz and complexity & can there be a mathematical theory of evolution?
Randomness, what is it and where do you find it?

Jun 8 WEDNESDAY, 4pm! -host: A. Libchaber
Elegant programs and incompleteness, static versus dynamic views of math, role of intuition and creativity, experimental math, is math quasi-empirical? What is Omega = the halting probability, and why are its bits mathematical facts that are true for no reason?

Jun 9 THURSDAY, 4pm! -host: A. Libchaber
More technical matters, including algorithmic probabilities and relative and mutual information, conclusion

Jun 21 -host: E. Kussell
Emmanuel Tannenbaum
Equilibrium distribution of mutators in the single fitness peak

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