2005 seminar organizers:

Edo Kussell, (212) 327-7642, fax (212) 327-7640,
Amos Tanay, (212) 327-8835, fax (212) 327-8544,

past talks: 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, Spring 2005


Sep. 27
Richard Gomer
Rice University
Tissue size regulation, wound healing, and a possible therapy for fibrosing diseases

Oct. 4
Eran Segal
The Rockefeller University
Controlling biological function through chromatin: how genomes encode the positioning and stability of their nucleosomes

Oct. 6 Special: THURSDAY, 2pm! -host: A. Libchaber
Naama Brenner
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Multiple time scales in neuronal dynamics

Oct. 11
Ray Goldstein
University of Arizona
Motility, Mixing, and Multicellularity

Oct. 12 Special: WEDNESDAY, 4pm! -host: M. Feigenbaum
Yitzhak Rabin
Bar-Ilan University
Rigidity, knots, and supercoils in Fourier rings

Oct. 18
Henri Orland
RNA folding and large N matrix field theory

Oct. 25
Leonid Mirny
How does a protein find its site on DNA? Biophysical mechanism and biological implications

Nov. 1
Hod Lipson
Cornell University
From evolving to self-replicating engineering systems

Nov. 8
Richard Losick
Harvard University
Bistable switches in bacteria

Nov. 14 Special: MONDAY, 2pm!
David Pine
New York University
Colloidal atoms and molecules

Nov. 22 - No Seminar

Nov. 28 Special: MONDAY, 2pm!
Seth Lloyd
Fundamental limits to the measurement of space and time

Nov. 29
L. Mahadevan
Harvard University
Extreme biological mechanics in macromolecular assemblies, cells, and tissues

Dec. 6 -host: E. Siggia
Andrew Clark
Cornell University
Inferring the role of natural selection in shaping human DNA variation

Dec. 13
Laurence Abbott
Columbia University
Signal propogation in neural networks

Dec. 19 Special: MONDAY, 4pm!
Amos Oppenheim
Hebrew University, Israel
Bacteriophage infection is targeted to cellular poles


Jan. 17 -host: E. Siggia
Vincent Hakim
Laboratoire de Physique Statistique, Paris
Synaptic strength and neuronal resonance: a statistical physics view on two questions of neurophysiology

Jan. 24 -host: E. Kussell
Naama Barkai
Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Noise resistance in the mitotic spindle checkpoint

Jan. 31 -host: A. Libchaber
Robert de Ruyter
University of Indiana
How to compute motion from natural visual input signals

Feb. 7 -host: L. Westblade
Mikhail Matz
Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience, University of Florida
Evolution of molecular complexity

Feb. 14 -host: E. Kussell
Richard Moxon
University of Oxford
Chance and prescription in adaptive behavior: the role of contingency loci in bacterial pathogens

Feb. 21 Faculty Search Candidate - seminar at 3:45 pm in Rockefeller University Library
Oxsana Cherniavskaya
Columbia University
Implementation of nanoscale arrays for exploring polyvalent interactions in cytoskeletal proteins

Feb. 28 -host: A. Tanay
Dana Pe'er
Harvard University
Elucidating function and organization of molecular networks: from molecules to a system

Mar. 2 Special: THURSDAY, 4pm! -host: M. Magnasco
Maria Neimark Geffen
Harvard University
Modulation of response properties of retinal ganglion cells by complex stimuli

Mar. 7 -host: A. Morozov
Shamil Sunyaev
Harvard University
Learning about protein evolution from triplets of complete genomes

Mar. 14 -host: A.Tanay
Brendan Frey
University of Toronto
Revising our view of the mammalian trascriptome


Mar. 21 -host: S. Leibler
Tim Holy
Washington University
Melodies, mitral cells, and memories: explorations of the mouse accessory olfactory system

Mar. 27 Special: MONDAY, 2pm! -host: E. Kussell
Jim Bull
University of Texas at Austin
Using genome networks to predict evolution in a bacteriophage

Apr. 4 -host: A. Tanay
Peter Andolfatto
Positive and negative selection in the Drosophila genome

Apr. 11 -host: L. Vosshall
Ardem Patapoutian
The Scripps Research Institute
How do you feel? TRP ion channels as temperature sensors

Apr. 18 -host: N. Buchler
Terry Hwa
Quantitative study of gene expression

Apr. 20 Special: Thursday, 4pm! -host: E. Siggia
Leah Cowen
Protein folding, environmental contingency, and the evolution of new traits

Apr. 25 -host: A. Tanay
Tzachi Pilpel
Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

May 3 Special: WEDNESDAY, 4pm! -host: E. Kussell
Chris Adami
Digital genetics: unraveling the genetic basis of evolution

May 9 -host: S. Leibler
Roy Kishony
Harvard University
Biological function in epistasis networks

May 12 Special: Friday, 2pm! -host: A. Libchaber
Erez Braun
Technion, Israel
Gene recruitment and adaptive reprogramming of gene regulation in yeast

May 15 Special: Monday, 2pm! -host: A. Libchaber
Yves Couder
Ecole Normale Superieure
Wave-Particle Duality at the Macroscopic Scale

May 16 -host: E. Kussell
Sunney Xie
Harvard University
Single molecule approach to biochemistry and molecular biology: from in vitro to in vivo studies

May 17 Special: Wednesday, 4pm! -host: N. Buchler
Michael Laessig
Universitaet zu Koeln
Adaptations to fluctuating selection in Drosophila

May 23 -host: D. Goulianos
Greg Landsberg
Brown University
Search for extra dimensions and black holes in particle accelerators

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