A Celebration for Mitchell J. Feigenbaum's 60th Birthday

December 17-18, 2004


PROGRAM: All talks will take place in the Weiss Building, 17th Floor.



ART EXHIBITION of Sculpture and Prints by Michael Burke.

Lobby of Weiss Research Building.


This exhibition features the aluminum Chaos Theory Book, which was made in honor of Mitchell J. Feigenbaum. The book is made of 4 aluminum pages, can be “read” in sequential form, stood as a sculpture, or refolded on itself. A series of prints, each made from rubbings of the pages of the book illustrate the many impressions one carries from a book after the initial reading, surround the piece.


Michael Burke is a New York City based artist, who has shown in the U.S., Europe and Japan. Previously, he has worked in astronomy and city planning, and now uses concepts from physics, mathematics and architecture in his work.



Friday, December 17th:


Convene: 9:00AM


9:10AM – Session Chair: Nicola Khuri

.           Dynamical Processes"

.           Mechanics"

Coffee: 10:40AM


Re-convene: 11:00AM


Lunch: 12:30PM – Participants are on their own for lunch. The Rockefeller University Cafeteria is located in the lobby of the Weiss Building. There are numerous restaurants, diners and delis along 1st Avenue.


Convene: 2:00PM – Session Chair: Mitchell J. Feigenbaum


Coffee: 3:30PM


Re-convene: 4:00PM

.           Making of Psychoanalysis"


End: 5:30PM



Saturday, December 18th:


Convene: 9:00AM – Session Chair: Predrag Cvitanovich


Coffee: 10:30AM


Re-convene: 11:00AM


Lunch: 12:30PM - Participants are on their own for lunch.


Convene: 2:00PM – Session Chair: Edward Spiegel

.           Rapidly Rotating Neutron Stars"

.           Fluid Coexistence close to Criticality”


Coffee: 3:30PM


Re-convene: 4:00PM


End: 5:30PM