Seminars Fall 2009

Our seminars have moved!

Seminars are on Tuesdays at 4 pm in Smith Hall Annex, B-Level, Physics Library preceded by tea at 3:45, unless otherwise noted.


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September 16 -host: A. Libchaber
Yves Pomeau, University of Arizona
Capillalry phenomena: recent and not so recent advances

September 23 -host: Donald Pfaff
Nicholas Schiff, Weill Cornell Medical College
Tracking the recovery of consciousness following traumatic brain injury: Searching for new analytic tools

September 30 -host:
No Seminar

Oct 7 -host: Pradeep Kumar
Phil Nelson, University of Pennsylvania
First-principles calculation of DNA looping in tethered particle experiments

Oct 14 -host: Pradeep Kumar
Grégoire Altan-Bonnet, MSKCC
Variability and Robustness in T Cell Ligand Discrimination

Oct 21 -host: Pradeep Kumar
David Nelson, Lyman Laboratory, Harvard University
Mutations and Gene Surfing in Microorganisms

Oct 28 -host: Eric Siggia
Raymond E. Keller, University of Virginia
How We Are Shaped: Patterning, Cell Motility, and Forces in Several Strategies of Gastrulation

Nov 4 -host: Pradeep Kumar
Edo Kussell, New York University
Sensing and selection in bacteria populations

Nov 5 (4PM, coffee prior) -host: Konstantin Goulianos
Dr. Albert De Roeck, CERN
LHC: The Big Bang Machine

Nov 11 -host: Eleni Katifori
Angelo Cacciuto, Columbia University
Self-Assembly on soft Elastic Surfaces

Nov 18 -host: Pradeep Kumar
Lorna Dougan, Columbia University
Identifying the role of the solvent environment in protein dynamics using single molecule force spectroscopy

Nov 20 ( 4PM, coffee prior) -host: Eric Siggia
Olivier Pourquie, Stowers Institute
Patterning the vertebrate body axis: Clocks and Models

Dec 02 (2PM, coffee prior) -host: Stan Leibler
John Hopfield, Princeton University
Implicit check-bits in biology: the iterative use of not-always-correct rapid neural computation

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