Seminars Fall 2009

Our seminars have moved!

Seminars are on Tuesdays at 4 pm in Smith Hall Annex, B-Level, Physics Library preceded by tea at 3:45, unless otherwise noted.


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January 08 -host: A. Libchaber
H. Eugene Stanley, Boston University
Water's Unsolved Mysteries: Some Recent Clues from Studies of Protein Hydration Water and Nanoconfined Water

January 15 -host: M. Feigenbaum
Leo P. Kadanoff, University of Chicago
Computer Simulation and Prediction-- The Good the Bad and the Awful

January 22 -host: M.Geffen
Ken Miller, Columbia University
Feedforward and recurrent processing in cat primary visual cortex

January 24 (2PM, coffee prior) -host: Eric Siggia
Justin Block Kinney, Princeton University
DNA sequence analysis in the large N limit

January 25 (2PM, coffee prior) -host: Stan Leibler
Joao Xavier, Harvard University
Cooperation and Conflicts in Microbial Biofilms

January 28 (2PM, coffee prior) -host: Stan Leibler
Eleni Katifori, Harvard University
Folding of Pollen Grains

January 29 -host: A.Libchaber
W. Bialek, Princeton University
Information flow in biological networks: Ingredients for a theory

January 30 (2PM, coffee prior) -host: M. Magnasco
Sandro Azaele, Princeton University
From Dynamics of Forests to Protein Population in Cells: the Role of Stochastic Noise

February 05 -host: M. Geffen
Vijay Balasubrahmanian, University of Pennsylvania
Towards a theory of the structural and functional organization of the retina

February 12 -host: A. Libchaber
N. Seiberg, Institute for Advanced Study
The World’s Largest Experiment

February 14 -host: A. Libchaber
Jacob Klein, Weizmann Institute of Science
Molecular Origins of Biological Lubrication

February 19 -host: P. Kumar
Gyan Bhanot, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.
What PCA and Clustering applied to mtDNA sequences and microarray data reveal about Human Migration and Cancer

February 22 (2PM) -host: John Agapiou
Jasmine Bailey, MRC Institute of Hearing Research
Responses to conspecific communication calls in Guinea pig auditory cortex

March 04 -host: P. Kumar
William Ryu, Princeton Univesity
From Temperature to Pain: thermal responses and motor behavior of E. coli/and C. elegans

March 11 -host: M. Geffen
K. Harris, Rutgers
Stability of the fittest: organizing learning through retroaxonal signals

March 18 -host: P. Kumar
N. N. Khuri, Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Rockefeller University
Is there a fundamental length in Space-Time ? Existing upper limits, and planned experiments exploring a new short distance domain

March 20 (2PM, coffee prior) -host: Peter Veerman
Eric Vanden-Ejinden, Courant Institute
Transition Pathways of Rare Reactive Events

March 25 -host: J. Hudspeth
David Weitz, Harvard University
Properties of Active Biopolymer Networks as Models for Cell Mechanics

March 27 -host: Mitchell Feigenbaum
Peter Veerman, Portland State University
Flocks and Formations : ODE's coupled along graphs

April 01 -host: E.G.D. Cohen
Mark Dykman, Michigan State University
Activated Switching in Nonequilibrium Systems

April 04 (2PM, coffee prior) -host: Peter Veerman
Michael Handel, CUNY and Lehman College
Relative Mapping Class Group Techniques in Surface Dynamics

April 08 -host: A. Libchaber
Ben Widom, Cornell University
Effect of a solute on the structure and energetics of its solvent -- and vice versa

April 10 (2PM, coffee prior) -host: P. Veerman
William Bialek, Princeton University
Optimization of Information Flow in Gene Regulation

April 15 -host: A. Libchaber
Jonathan Widom, Northwestern University
The Genomic Code for Nucleosome Positioning

April 15 (11:30am, Weiss Building, Rm 1223) -host: Konstantin Goulianos
Dr. Philippe Di Stephano, Institut de Physique Nucleaire de Lyon
Dark Matter, Cryogenic Detectors, and Earthquakes

April 17 (2PM, coffee prior) -host: P. Veerman
Percy Deift, Courant Institute
Universality for mathematical and physical systems

April 22 -host: E. D. Siggia
Leslie Valiant, Harvard University
Biology As Computation

April 24 (2PM, coffee prior) -host: P. Veerman
Hugo Touchette, Queen Mary College, London
Large Deviations and Statistical Mechanics

April 29 -host: M.Geffen
Joshua Tennenbaum, MIT
Finding structure in the world

May 01 (2PM, coffee prior) -host: P. Veerman
Yuefan Deng, Stonybrook University and Brookhaven National Laboratories
Simulation of Biomolecules on Supercomputers

May 6 -host: M. Geffen
Phil Holmes
Models of legged locomotion, or How cockroaches run stably without thinking about it.

May 08 (2PM, coffee prior) -host: P. Veerman
Yakov Sinai, Princeton University
Blow-up of Complex Solutions in Fluid Dynamics

May 8 (4PM, coffee prior) -host: Jan Skotheim
John Bush, MIT
Surface tension and wetting in biology

May 13 No Talk Today!

May 15 (2PM, coffee prior) -host: P. Veerman
Murat Arcak, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Mathematical Theory of Control

May 22 (2PM, coffee prior) -host: P. Veerman
Yair Minsky, Yale University
Geometry and Rigidity

May 29 (2PM, coffee prior) -host: P. Veerman
Gerard Ben Arous, Courant Institute
Slow Relaxation and Aging

June 05 (2PM, coffee prior) -host: P. Veerman
Sinan Gunturk, Courant Institute
Power Series and Tilings

June 12 (2PM, coffee prior) -host: P. Veerman
Ilya Kofman, College of Staten Island (CUNY)
Knot Theory and Orbits

June 19 (2PM, coffee prior) -host: P. Veerman
Misha Lyubich, University of Toronto and SUNY at Stony Brook
Yang-Lee zeros for diamond lattices and 2D rational dynamics

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